David is an accomplished, award winning illustrator. Primarily considered a "digital illustrator," meaning everything is produced on a production computer, David is capable of delivering many different styles of illustrated renderings from a pencil sketch to advanced, photorealistic 3D renderings. David pulls from his early experience as a black and white ink cartoonist to his advanced 3D renderings to produce the kind of artistic quality needed for your project goals.

ART and ILLUSTRATIONS INCLUDE (But not limited to)
• Pencil and inked line drawings. (Digital)
• Traditional media such as watercolor, oil and acrylic renderings. 
• Technical Illustrations: architectural or technological schematics and exploded view illustrations 
• Vector-based Illustrations: Such as logos, graphics, characters and iconography. 
• 3D based illustration/renderings
• Aviation art and illustration. 
• Architectural art and illustrations. 
• Toon-Ups (taking a person and/or object and illustrating them as a cartoon character)


Illustration rates are $60/Hour. Typically, projects are produced and charged based on those hourly fees. If you need a flat rate quote for your project, it will determined with the $60/hour in mind with contractual stipulations such as down-payments, changes-revisions, project milestones and additions after a project is complete. A down payment is expected that is calculated to cover the first several hours of any given project, then the rest of the project is billed at an hourly rate. Final payments are due at the time of project completion and delivery.