Nose art has a great but sometimes unrecognized place in art history. As soon as humanity gave rise to aircraft, art had discovered it's newest canvas. Throughout World War I and World War II, airmen and crew alike adorned their beloved aircraft with artwork. This artwork ranged simple texts, to famous pin-up girls to the x-rated. David Collins can recreate these historic artworks as commissioned artworks as single illustrations or on recreated fuselage illustrations. Contact David Collins today for your project today. David Collins already has some great and famous noseart projects for sale in his Galleries here.

B-29 Enola Gay. The Enola GayThe B-29 affectionately called the "Enola Gay." This B-29 Superfortress was the first aircraft to drop the first atomic bomb in anger, thus marking the beginning of the end of the Japanese Empire in World War II.
Profile-Series B-29 Fu-KemalProfile-Series B-29 Fu-Kemal
Profile-Series B-29 BocksCarProfile-Series B-29 BocksCar