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The SR-71 Blackbird Art and Illustrations

December 25, 2017  •  2 Comments

The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird is such an iconic aircraft. Kelly Johnson and the Skunk Works had a knack for delivering "impossible technologies" based on even more impossible deadlines. After a U2 spyplane was shot down by the Soviet Union in 1960, The Skunk Works team in Burbank California was tasked with creating an aircraft to increase and improve the United States' intelligence gathering technology. This aircraft would be required to have a minimal cross-section, fly higher, fly faster and most importantly not get shot down. Lockheed Skunk Works had to invent this aircraft and had to do it fast. What came to fruition, was the SR-71 Blackbird. 

"Everything had to be invented. Everything." Kelly Johnson once recalled. The requirements for this aircraft necessitated new technology be invented; new engines, new skins and paint, even new ways of manufacturing all had to be developed to bring this aircraft to life. The SR-71 Blackbird set so many records for manned flight, that many still are held to this day, . . . that we know of. 

David's most recent art releases featuring the SR-71 can be seen on his MODERN AGE page of his website. Multiple print sizes and products can be purchased directly from the website. It's David's hope that any and all aviation enthusiast enjoys this artwork as much as he enjoyed making. 

SR-71-002SR-71-002A highly stylized, top-down poster of the iconic SR-71 Blackbird designed and built by the Lockheed Skunkworks group.



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