David Collins Art and Illustration | Hayneville 2018 Jamfest

Hayneville 2018 Jamfest

May 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Y'know,. . . . I believe in trial by fire. What better way to test a new system than to use it in a professional setting. I recently had the need to get a better DSLR camera but I also needed a system capable of 4K video. My budget necessitated this so I decided on the Nikon D500. With the d500, I know have a superior photo camera than my d7000, and now I can shoot great 4K video for my video projects. 

I was recently hired by the Museum of Aviation to cover their 3rd Annual Jamfest. This is a fun concert to help raise funds for the museum and it's one helluva-night!! Through the whole evening, I used the hell out of the D500. It captures spectacular video and it's DSLR shooting speed is almost on par with the Nikon D5. Check out my video to see how the evening went.


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