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Aviation Artwork and The Future

June 28, 2018  •  1 Comment

When I started my new career of full time artist this past January, one major goal was to do more art and illustration work. Although I am not anywhere near my output and financial goals, I am thankful to be blessed with some truly great opportunities so far. Lately of note, I’ve been very fortunate to work with Gerald Oliver of the Historic Aircraft Preservation Society. It’s a great organization whose sole purpose is the preservation of historic aircraft, so those stories will not fade away.

To date, I’ve completed three projects for them to great result.

The first project I worked on was a profile artwork poster of the P-51d of Colonel Don Blakeslee of the 4th Fighter Group. Col. Blakeslee also served in the RAF as a volunteer prior to the United States entered World War II.

The second project was the spotter plane “Rosie The Rocketeer” flown by Major Charles Carpenter, better known as “Bazooka Charlie.” Major Carpenter piloted the low and slow Piper L-4B, a recon plane of prewar design and covered in fabric and helped report back enemy troop and armor positions. Major Carpenter, not just satisfied with recon, mounted bazookas on his plane and soon racked up several confirmed kills, including 6 tanks.

The latest project was for a beautiful twin engine Aero Commander L-26b. This was primarily used for short trips of President Dwight D. Eisenhower and has the distinction of being the smallest plane ever designated Air Force One. Himself a pilot, Eisenhower was known to take the controls from time to time.

I’m looking forward to producing more great aviation artwork for HAPS as well as others that can appreciate the aviation artwork I’m producing.

“David Collins has been doing a fabulous job creating and delivering quality art for our projects.   He is responsive and very pleasant to work with.   I love his creations.”  


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